Small Town Romance Anyone?

If you like small town romance you’ve come to the right place. In my picturesque town in Ohio we celebrate all of the seasons in our downtown square. From ice-carving competitions to art-in-the park, hometown residents have plenty to see and do. A Victorian gazebo sits like a jewel in the middle of the park and is the place for summer concerts and weddings, too. These events are always dog and family friendly and you’ll see the usual assortment of babies in strollers, designer dogs and rescues. It’s a fun place and perfect for people to socialize and people watch.

The thing about small towns, people know you. You can leave for years and when you come back to visit, your old neighbors, your fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Lakin, and half of your high school graduating class are glad to see you. Decide to move back and you’re set with friends you’ve known practically your whole life. Moving to a small town that’s not yours? Expect to experience the shiny new thing syndrome–whether you are male or female.