About Christy

The Rocky Road to Becoming a Romance Writer

In one media or another, I’ve written all my life. At age ten I started a neighborhood newspaper in my small hometown in Ohio. News stories about whose cocker spaniel just had puppies or where the Enrights spent their vacation were pretty boring ― at least to me ― so I embellished a bit which got me into trouble. After a flurry of apologies, my little news operation folded. The next week my parents unexpectedly sent me off to a local summer camp which actually turned out to be a good thing because I got to spend most of the summer riding horses and swimming.

Several years later, during a summer break from Stephens College, I was hired as an intern at The Associated Press–a real prize for a broadcast major. Yes, I was in the big leagues now and though I warned myself to keep my “creativity” under wraps – some things you just can’t control. This time I really got into hot water by mis-quoting a source. What I’d done was simply re-arrange a few words in a direct quote to make it flow better. Unfortunately my “re-arranging” altered the source’s intent and he was furious and out for blood; someone’s head had to roll. The red-faced bureau chief fired me on the spot, muttering something about me trying my hand at fiction. Lesson finally learned: don’t screw with the facts!

After working in TV news for a few years, I moved into commercial production, advertising and then freelance writing. Fewer and fewer facts and more creativity. Finally, I was on to something; working my way towards fiction where I could whip up my own batch of facts and no one could call me out.

Four years ticked by and I finally landed — where I should have started, years ago—on the green square clearly marked “fiction writer.”  What was I thinking all those years? Now, I’m a full-time writer of contemporary romance. With the support of my family and my two office assistants — Gracie, a black Lab and Lambeau, a yellow Lab named after Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers — I spend my days in a world of my own creation where the only facts that matter are the ones I invent. Hopefully, my readers will enjoy my stories as much as I love writing them!