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Christy McKee

Hot, Humorous and Happily Ever After

I didn’t set out to be an author. It was never on my list of things I wanted to do when I grew up. But after two decades in the working world, I was inspired to write what I have always loved to read, romantic fiction with a sidebar of mystery. Now that you are here take a look around and meet some interesting characters. I hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as I did writing them. 

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She’s ruled by her emotions. He’s determined to prove his feelings are real. Is snow-covered Vermont a perfect place for a second chance at forever?

Emma Kimball is struggling to keep tradition alive. Drowning in debt from her late mother’s medical bills, she escapes to spend December in her childhood’s beloved small-town inn. And the last complication she needs is for her handsome ex to crash her wintery wonderland.


Dr. Jake Cutter almost has it all. Nine years after their painful breakup, he’s bent on chasing a Yuletide miracle to win back the woman he loves. So even knowing that she’s skittish to reconnect, he's willing to do the work to thaw her heart.


Scared she'll wreck her future and end up with someone just like her overly controlling father, a wary Emma resists the allure of her old flame’s attempts to reconcile. But as Jake worries about once again messing up the best thing ever, he refuses to stop hoping he's been good enough to earn a kiss underneath the mistletoe.


Can an unexpected holiday reunion turn out to be the greatest gift of all?


The Christmas Bride is a heartwarming contemporary romance. If you like complex characters, idyllic seasonal settings, and jingle-bell charm, then you’ll adore Christy McKee’s tale of forgiveness and fate.


Buy The Christmas Bride to unwrap happily ever after today!


Gabrielle had an impossible promise to keep.

Pierce gave up on promises a long time ago.

Gabrielle March puts the career she loves on hold to salvage her late father’s newspaper. Struggling beneath a mountain of debt, is there any hope she can succeed? Fate intervenes, and Gabrielle receives an incredible windfall; while money solves her current woes, it also blows the door wide open to “any dream” is now possible.”


Pierce Hastings, a ruggedly handsome, wealthy environmental lawyer, is finally getting his act together. After several years of marriage, his wife decided her legal career trumped a husband and having children. Devastated, he vowed never to go down that road again.


In a case of opposites attract, Gabrielle and Pierce fight their attraction every step of the way. Pierce wants to believe she is his second chance at love, but does he have the courage to take the risk? When Gabrielle’s dream job is hers for the taking, can she convince Pierce their future family will always come first? Or will he cut his losses and retreat?

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She has no future. He has a dark past. Could a rare antique key

solve a haunting cold case and earn their redemption? 


Lilly Talbot’s reputation is ruined when a reporter outs her as the daughter of Georgia’s most notorious thief. With her bank account near empty, she escapes to the once-beautiful Point Cottage and is horrified by its’ dilapidated condition. With no funds to pay for the rehab, how can she possibly make a life here and start fresh?


A man with a past…

Connor “Mac” McQueen, once the golden boy of Wall Street, spent three years in prison for insider trading. The only thing that sustained him during his time inside was getting his hands on Point Cottage and making it the showplace for his new construction company. So just how far will he go to get it?


Secrets and lies…

Someone is trying to drive Lilly from Point Cottage. Could it be a person from her father’s criminal past? Mac has a secret of his own that could ruin lives if revealed. If Lilly and Mac are to have a future together, they must first learn to trust and accept one another. Only then will they know if true love is in their hearts.

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Concrete Wall

Coming May 2025

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Half romance, and half mystery, “Maybe Too Good To Be True” is full of twists and surprises that will keep your interest, and keep you guessing up until the very end.

– Krystal from Once Upon a Book

Christy McKee is a new author to me but I can guarantee this will not be the last I read of her. An interesting and fun ride, McKee made a standard romance funny and utterly romantic. The story is wonderful, but truly the characters are a masterpiece.

– The Brunette Librarian

This book was a wonderfully written romantic mystery. I loved the plot in this story. It kept me hooked from the very first page. The intrigue starts at the beginning and doesn't let up until the very end…This story is not only about mystery, but also about personal growth and life lessons. I think this is a must read for any romance fans out there.

– Andrea Heltsley’s Reviews

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi


Christy McKee


I never set out to be an author. My goal was always TV news. During a break from college, I was fortunate to get an internship with Associated Press—a real prize for a broadcast major. A few months into the job, I made a catastrophic mistake, quoting a source incorrectly. I’d rewritten a few words to make the sentence flow better. Unfortunately, my “re-arranging” altered the source’s meaning, and my boss was apoplectic. The red-faced bureau chief fired me on the spot, muttering under his breath that I should try my hand at fiction.


After working in TV news—getting up at four AM really sucked— I  spent time in advertising, produced radio and tv commercials, telecourses for a southern university, training at another southern university, and a stint in healthcare; I was still searching for “the best” job, for me. After nearly two decades, the words of my former AP bureau chief still rang in my head. Fiction. Maybe it was time. Our children were grown. My husband offered to take on nightly dinners and our big Lab, Brody,  was ecstatic to have a stay-at-home mom. Finally, I was on my way! But where was I going?


Well…growing up near a lakeside resort town—spending a lot of time at my dad’s marina—I was inspired to create quirky, cozy, friendly Haley, Vermont. Most of my main characters are thirty-somethings. They’ve faced failed relationships, weathered job changes and are looking for love—whether they own up to it or not. Many are in need of a second chance, and it’s up to me to give them one. Watching my characters achieve their destiny through personal growth, strong friendships, and facing their life challenges head-on, is my goal for every story.


My husband and I live near the beautiful coast of North Carolina. When I’m not writing, we love taking Brody, our black Lab, and our small grandchildren to the beach for walking or sand castle-building. My “other” pleasures are reading, water aerobics, indulging my sweet tooth, and long lunches with my friends—in no particular order.


Thanks for stopping by.

Christy loves to hear from her readers. You can find and connect with her at the links below.


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